Technology house, Mobius Media, came to us for resilience but also ended up with an internet connection that supports the needs of their growing team.

Technology House, Mobius Media, came to us in November 2017 to enquire about a secondary internet connection as resilient back-up to their KCOM Lightstream service.

Mobius provide a variety of development and design services including websites, SEO, App building and Ecommerce. Because of this they require an “always on” internet connection. They were also struggling with their upload speed which was becoming more saturated especially as they were expanding their workforce.

After meeting Mobius, we proposed installation of our Pure Gig 1000 product which provides headline speeds of 1Gbps, but most importantly to Mobius, offers guaranteed minimum speeds of 300Mbps upload and download. Once this was explained, Mobius decided that they would use our service as the primary connection to achieve faster speeds.

When the service went live in February this year, Mobius downgraded the KCOM connection to a lower speed package. They bought a router that could take two incoming feeds and aggregate them so both connections are being used simultaneously. If either connection were to drop the other would stay live ensuring maximum speeds at all times and continuous connection reliability.

John Masson, Managing Director of Mobius:

“When your whole business is based on the internet the right provider is hugely important. Without a connection we simply cannot work so reliability is essential. If our internet is slow it hampers the pace at which we can work, this is something that is unacceptable in today’s changing world of technology.

“We currently have 22 team members but are constantly growing which puts even more pressure on our internet connection. We now have peace of mind that we can continue to deliver outstanding projects and the highest level of customer service for our clients without fear of our internet connection holding us back.

“We chose purebroadband because the speeds are excellent and consistent, with a noticeable difference as soon as we switched. They offered us a service level agreement which ensures that if there is ever an issue it will be repaired within 8 hours 24/7/365. Our previous service only offered us a next working day fix so again this improvement was important to us.

“We have found purebroadband to be efficient and customer service and support is quick and reliable, just like their products. We would have no hesitation in recommending purebroadband to anyone”.

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