Hull College


Helping improve Hull College’s connectivity speeds and reduce their costs through the use of Dark Fibre.

Hull College is one of the largest further and higher education colleges in the country, offering over 1000 courses to a student population exceeding 26,000 every year. The size of the college means that as well as its main campus, Hull College has a variety of satellite sites in different locations around the city. A fast-paced and dynamic learning environment requires an ultrafast network connection that is able to support the needs of its students and facilitate smooth, reliable and efficient communication between the college’s various sites.

Hull College wanted:

  • Improved connectivity between sites
  • Faster speeds & flexibility
  • A service that understands IT systems

To help significantly improve their connectivity speeds, reduce their costs and meet their connectivity requirements, we provided a solution to them through the use of dark fibre.

Dark Fibre means Hull College now has the ability to split its data centre between two Hull locations with sub milliseconds latency over a secure network, with an 80GB capacity between its sites. As well as improving their connectivity speeds, Hull College is able to save more money as a result of reduced circuit costs. They will also reduce their carbon footprint due to a lower power and cooling uptake, as they no longer need to provide a local server and storage at their branch sites.

“This new connectivity makes the college a leader in the digital sector and vastly improves our student experience, providing each learner with the very best online facilities.” - John Bayes, Network and Communications Manager.

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