Say goodbye to a slow internet connection and hello to the £2,500 Gigabit Voucher. Your business could be eligible to receive this contribution towards improving the speed and reliability of your internet.

Most connections still depend on copper telephone wires, which are limited in the speed they can support. Your business productivity could be suffering if this is the case: according to ‘mobile news’, poor broadband connections costs the UK economy £11bn a year in productivity.

A full fibre connection is required to deliver Gigabit speeds which can help to future proof your business and save time through improved efficiencies. Choose a Gigabit fibre product or uncontended leased line for your business to enjoy a connection twice as fast as your existing line.

Now is the time for businesses to improve the speed of their internet connection with the £2,500 Gigabit Voucher. Businesses deserve to enjoy speeds that can cope with the growth of their company.

There are a few factors that are taken into account to see if a business is eligible for the voucher such as you must have under 250 employees, not already be Gigabit-capable and your turnover must be less than 50 million euros per annum or your balance sheet must have less than 43 million euros. 

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