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From Hull College to Dove House Hospice, a range of businesses use purebroadband. Read our case studies to hear about some of the connections we’ve installed.

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Our dedicated team match you with an internet package that’ll deliver speeds fast enough for your business growth.

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Helping improve Hull College’s connectivity speeds and reduce their costs through the use of Dark Fibre.

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Technology house, Mobius Media, came to us for resilience but also ended up with an internet connection that supports the needs of their growing team.

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We helped Dove House Hospice say goodbye to speed limitations and installed a service that allows them to share gigabit speeds across multiple sites whilst reducing costs.

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John Masson - Mobius Media Photo

John Masson - Mobius Media

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We needed a high-end performing internet connection that matches what we do: that’s what we get with purebroadband. We have up to 22 people at any given time on the internet using a lot of bandwidth - we’ve had no dropout or downtime with our connection and purebroadband is the only provider that we’ve had that with.

Andrew Dinsdale - Dove House Hospice Photo

Andrew Dinsdale - Dove House Hospice

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With purebroadband, we’ve increased our speed by 100x and saved £1,000 a year. We got the new line connected, tested it for a day then disconnected the old line completely and we’ve been happy ever since.

John Bayes - Hull College Photo

John Bayes - Hull College

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purebroadband has made a massive difference to our connectivity speeds and reduced our costs. We’ve had no issues with the connectivity.

Spencer Wood - Ultra Lets Photo

Spencer Wood - Ultra Lets

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At Ultra Lets we pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking letting agent and we know that the internet purebroadband provide us with is going to suit our business both now and in the future. We’re always keen to take up the newest advances in technology and we know our internet connection won’t hold us back.